Mother Gothel
Other Emblem
Moderu Gotheru
Rapunzel's Tower

Mother Gothel is Rapunzel's fake mother and an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. She kidnapped Rapunzel as a baby and raised her as her own to keep herself from aging. She keeps Rapunzel trapped inside a tower hidden in the forest and keeps her from anything that can harm her.


Mother Gothel appears as an adult woman, presumably in her 20s, with black curly hair and gray eyes. She wears a crimsons dress with gold linings. She also wears a black cloak whenever she goes out to the forest.

Despite her young appearance, Mother Gothel maybe more than a 100 years old. He keeps her young appearance due to her usage of Rapunzel's magical hair, that keeps her from aging.


  • Mother Gothel is one of the first Disney characters to die.

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