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Suné is the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories, and one of the several original characters of the series.


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Suné wears a skintight, black, high-collared shirt and a jacket that kind of resembles Roxas's jacket. He wear a long short resembling Ventus's with a lose belt, just Sora's belt in his first outfit. Suné has only one fingerless glove on his right hand and a wrist band on his left. his hair kind of resembles sora's hair except Suné's is pointed downward rather than Sora's pointed upward.


Suné is an upbeat 15 year old boy who will risk his own life just to protect his friends and companions. He is highly optimistic so he always thinks positive.

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Sune DR
Main article: [Suné/Destiny's Reach]

When Sora is corrupted by an ancient darkness, and begins attacking the worlds, seeking to control them, Riku looks into his heart and finds a special light. The light summons ten heroes in order to stop Sora, and, as a counter-offense, Sora summons ten villains. Suné is one of the warriors of light and the hero representing Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories, having Xelmes as the wall that blocks his path.

Suné's attire was based on his early design only having two straps crossing on his chest with a crown in the middle and wearing a pair of pants with the same designs. He wields the Reverse Crown as his Keyblade.


  • Suné's name is a reverse Nobody-anagram of Nexus, the creator of Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. It also follows the same naming scheme of Naminé; Suné translates to "Born from the nest," where Naminé translates to "Born from the waves."
  • Suné was supposed to look like Roxas but was change to the likeness of Sora due other fan-made intallations having Roxas look-alikes as their main protagonist.
  • Suné's time in Twilight Town reflects Roxas's time in the Simulated Twilight Town. This due to the fact that the main protagonist of the series was supposed to look like Roxas.

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