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Tidus is one of several minor characters in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories, originally from Final Fantasy X.


Tidus's outfit is the same outfit that he wore in Dissidia Final Fantasy. He wears a torn pair of black overalls with a yellow hooded shirt with the left sleeve torn off, instead covering his arm with a dark blue pauldron and a gauntlet. Around his neck is a pendant with the insignia of the Zanarkand Abes, which also appears on his overalls.

Battle StyleEdit

Tidus's style in battle mosty consists of fast-paced and swift dodging attacks. When he is on his Limit Break, his equip the Celestial Weapon, Caladbog and attains his Mirror Dash ability.


  • Before Sune leaves, Tidus said "Besides, I'm always right here." That's the same line he said before going back to Spira in Dissidia.
  • Tidus, along with Yuna, will appear as their original personas in the Final Fantasy series, unlike their Kingdom Hearts personas.

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