Tower Woods
Tawā Uddo
Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories

Tower Woods is a world that appears in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories, based on the Disney's 2010 film Tangled.

Settings and AreasEdit

Hidden inside a forest is Rapunzel's Tower. The player can either enter the tower by going through the hidden entrance on the back of the tower or ask Rapunzel to let down her hair when she is inside the tower. Through the Forest, the Snuggly Duckling pub is located where the Pub Thugs reside.

The Corona Kingdom's Bridge can also be accessed through the forest and it leads to the Town Square. The castle's balcony also appears, only in cutscenes.



  • Before knowing the name of the Corona Kingdom, Wingblade called it the Golden Flower Kingdom. This is probably a reference to a kingdom's symbol, the Magical Golden Flower.

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