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Zeik is one of three main characters and one of the several original characters in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. He is one of Suné's best friends and Nanami's older brother.


Zeik met Suné after Nanami found him unconscious in Twilight Town.

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Zeik appears to be a 16 year old boy with dark blue eyes and brown hair (styled similar to Terra's hair, only shorter and more slicked.

Zeik wears dark turquoise, high-collared shirt with beige trims and another black skintight high-collared shirt inside. His outer shir seems to lack the right sleeve while the left sleeve has two black straps sewn horizontally parallel to each other. Zeik's pants are similar to that of Riku's Kingdom Hearts II outift, only less baggy and colored off-white. He wears a black and dark turquoise sneakers with dark turquioise straps.

Zeik also dons a light beige armband, with two black parallel lines on both side, on his right arm similar to Suné and Nanami (albeit on their left arms).


  • Zeik's name was originally "Keldric", which was taken from the name the of the main protagonist of the same name in Dawn of Mana.
  • Zeik's original design shows him having hair styled more similarly to Terra (with a visible widow's peak) and clothes resembling Riku's Kingdom Hearts II outfit with few differences.

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